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The Shannon Rehabilitation Center is an inpatient program dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities attain optimal independence. Our center provides patients with simulated real-life environments where they perform daily activities such as navigating the kitchen and bathroom and getting into and out of a car.

Medical Director, Chris Vanderzant, DO, leads an interdisciplinary team in the development of a comprehensive rehabilitation program. The rehabilitation team includes:

  • 24-hour rehabilitation nursing.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Occupational therapy.
  • Speech therapy.
  • Case management, social work and psychology.

Patients and their family members are actively involved in establishing goals, participating in therapy and planning for life after discharge.

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Conditions we treat

  • Stroke.
  • Brain injury.
  • Fractured hips and femurs.
  • Amputations.
  • Poly arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Degenerative and progressive neurological disorders such as Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis.
  • Multiple trauma.
  • Other debilitating conditions resulting in loss of independence in self-care and mobility.
  • Cancer.

This program does not currently serve persons who are ventilator-dependent, comatose or have burn management needs. Persons under age 17 are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


A referral to the Rehabilitation Center may be made by a physician, insurance provider, family member, patient or other concerned party. Preadmission evaluations are provided at no charge to determine a patient's eligibility for admission to the program.

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