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A complete department of diagnostic radiology is available, including imaging of the:

  • Chest
  • Bones and joints
  • Colon
  • Stomach
  • Gallbladder
  • Urinary tract and other parts of the body

For early detection and prevention, computed tomography (CT) scanning, ultrasound and nuclear medicine are performed. MRI studies and PET scans are also available at Shannon Medical Center.

Shannon Imaging Center

At Shannon Imaging Center, the focus is on you! From the tasteful decor to the highly trained staff treating you professionally and compassionately, we are committed to providing a comfortable environment for your most intimate healthcare needs.

The Shannon Imaging Center houses state-of-the-art mammography, ultrasound, bone density and MRI equipment. While our equipment is high-tech, our philosophy is soft touch—a desirable mixture of cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned customer service. Dr. Michelle Snuggs, Chief Radiologist of Women's Imaging, provides an overview of the various services at the Shannon Imaging Center.

At Shannon Imaging Center we perform more than 12,000 mammograms a year. In 2015, we found more than 93 breast cancers. Patients can take comfort in the fact that our combination of training and technology help us detect breast cancers when they are present—early detection can often mean complete recovery.

At Shannon Imaging Center, your convenience is paramount! We try to schedule your screening mammogram within two days of your call. If you're from out of town, we try to make sure your exam is completed the same day. We are committed to scheduling patients sooner than the national average of two to three months for screening exams.

The American Cancer Society advises you to have yearly mammograms beginning at age 40.

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