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Billing and Insurance

Shannon Medical Center works hard to give its patients high-quality, cost-conscious and professional service in a caring atmosphere. If you have questions about any of our business services, please contact a patient representative at 325.747.5307 for assistance.

Billing Standards

Every patient has the right to receive an itemized statement. Please tell the registration assistant that you would like to receive an itemized statement. The business office will send the statement to you approximately 10 days after you have been dismissed from our facility.

Payment of deposits, co-pays and deductibles will be requested at the time of service. Bills for outpatient testing and same-day surgery may be paid in six monthly installments. Inpatient bills may be paid in 12 payments. Please contact a patient representative at 325.747.5307 to help you fill out a financial statement if these schedules will not work for you.

Guarantors are the people responsible for paying the hospital bills. Bills for all accounts will be sent to the guarantor every 30 days. If you are receiving more than one statement, please call 325.747.5307 so we can assign all of your accounts to one guarantor number.

Medicare Patients

Shannon will bill Medicare for all services you receive. Medicare requires the hospital to ask questions regarding other insurance coverage to ensure Medicare is your primary insurance.

To learn more about Medicare plan options and resources, visit

Secondary Insurance

Secondary, or supplemental, insurance will be billed at the same time as Medicare. If you have questions, please contact us at 325.747.5307.

Group Health Insurance

Precertification is often required by your insurance company prior to services. The information should be noted on the back of your insurance card. Please allow us to copy the front and back so we may help with your precertification and verification of coverage and benefits.


If you receive Medicaid, please bring your current Medicaid card. All services will be billed to Medicaid. You will not receive a statement or request for payment. Please notify us at 325.747.5307 if you receive a statement so we may correct our records.

Workers' Compensation

Forms and information about your care will be sent to your employer's workers' compensation plan. Your employer will be billed if he or she has opted out of the Texas Workers Compensation program. You will not be billed for services verified by your employer as work-related. Notify us at 325.747.5307.

Self-Pay Or No Insurance

If you do not have insurance coverage, Shannon provides financial counselors to help you apply for local, state or federal programs to help you pay your medical bill. The financial counselors are located in the Registration Department on the first floor of the hospital. They can be reached by calling 325.747.5696 or 800.313.9267.

Patient Concerns

If you have concerns or questions about your care, please call the Patient Relations Department at 325.747.5000. After regular business hours, dial the hospital operator. Voicing a concern will not affect the quality of care we provide for you and your family.

Shannon Medical Center Charity Care Program and Policies

As a part of its mission, Shannon Medical Center provides care to patients without financial means to pay for hospital services. Charity care will be provided to all patients who live within the designated service area who present themselves for care at Shannon Medical Center, without regard to race, creed, color or national origin, and who are classified as financially or medically indigent. A financially indigent patient is a person who is uninsured or underinsured and is accepted for care with no obligation or a discounted obligation to pay for services based on income and family size. The hospital uses poverty income guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to determine a person's eligibility for charity care as a financially indigent patient. A medically indigent patient is a person whose medical and hospital bills exceed 200 percent of the person's annual gross income. Additional information concerning Shannon Medical Center's charity program and how to apply for charity care can be obtained from the Shannon Medical Center's business office by calling 325.747.5240 or 325.747.5416.

Price Transparency: Cost of Hospital Services and Obtaining an Estimate

Price Estimator Tool

  • Shannon provides a Price Estimator Tool through our MyChart Patient Portal. It is not required to have a MyChart account to use the tool. It will enable you to search services by categories or by keyword/CPT code. Next, you can select your insurance plan, enter your information and continue to receive an estimated cost for that service. The Price Estimator Tool below is for services at Shannon Medical Center, Shannon Medical Center South and Shannon Medical Center St. John's Campus.

Price Estimator Tool - Click here to get started.

Lists of Charges

Shannon Medical Center provides a listing of the charges for each service we provide as required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The following lists of charges are for each of our hospital facilities: Shannon Medical Center, Shannon Medical Center South and Shannon Medical Center St. John's Campus.

We encourage patients to contact us to obtain the most accurate cost estimate for their care based on each individual circumstance. Please contact the Shannon Pre-Certification Team at 326.747.5248 for assistance.