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Advanced Care Planning

Advanced Care Planning is an important step for every individual’s medical care, regardless of your age or current health condition. It allows you to decide in advance what type of health care you would like if you become too sick to speak for yourself. It helps ensure your wishes are followed by documenting these decisions before a medical crisis occurs. It also removes difficult decisions from your family members or loved ones as they need to assist with your care in the future.

What is Advanced Care Planning (ACP)?

Advanced Care Planning is defined as a face-to-face service between a physician or other qualified healthcare professional and a patient, family member or surrogate. During this visit, you will discuss the different advanced care planning decisions and may decide to complete relevant legal forms. Documents prepared during this meeting include the appointment of a Medical Power of Attorney
(MPOA) and Advanced Directives (ADs) that record the wishes of a patient pertaining to his/her medical treatment at a future time should he/she lack decisional capacity at that time.
Facts about end-of life you might want to consider…

  • You must be at least 18 years of age before you can be an appointee or prepare ADs yourself.
  • 82% of people say it is important to put their wishes in writing but only 23% have actually done so.
  • An AD does not take effect until a patient no longer has the capacity to make their own health care decisions.
  • Copies of AD documents are entered in the Epic electronic medical records system so all Shannon providers can have access to them.
  • Many states honor out of state directives as long as they do not conflict with that state’s laws. You may want to contact a state if you plan to stay there a significant time.

Who Can Help You Complete Your Advanced Care Directives Here at Shannon?

Your physician is the first place to go in completing your Advanced Directives.
The physician can discuss this during a regular medical visit allowing you to have a conversation BEFORE a medical crisis. This gives everyone time to process important information regarding end-of-life care while supporting your loved ones in making difficult decisions.

For more information regarding Advanced Care Planning or to make an appointment today, please contact Shannon's Pastoral Care office at 325.747.5112.