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Allergy Drops

Sublingual immunotherapy, or allergy drops, offer safe long-term protection for allergies with the same effectiveness of allergy shots.

How do they work?

  • Allergy drops are taken each day orally by mouth and applied under the tongue.
  • Patients will receive their first dose at our clinic, and then can take the remaining supply home.
  • Patients can receive a 45-day (1 vial) or 90 day (2 vials) supply at a time.

What's the cost?

  • 1-5 antigens: $150/vial
  • 6-10 antigens: $250/vial

Similar to a shot regimen, patients will have one or two follow-up visits with the physician each year. Patients also need an EpiPen for unexpected reaction. Skin testing or RAST is required to prescribe allergy drops. Physicians recommend 3 to 5 years of treatment for lasting immunity.

For more information, contact your physician at Shannon Clinic Otolaryngology, 4450 Sunset Dr., or call 325.747.2283.

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