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AirMed Advanced Internship Program

Program Description

The Shannon AirMed Advanced Internship Program aims to provide EMT-Ps and RNs interested in critical care air medicine, training and aviation operations with the opportunity to gain practical experience and invaluable exposure to the flight setting, as well as the opportunity to make a positive impact at Shannon AirMed. Program participation is indefinite, so long as each party sees benefit in the Participant’s presence and professional development.

Program Structure

Participants will gain exposure to the critical care air medical environment, policies, procedures, protocols, training and aviation operations of Shannon AirMed. The Participant will work with both the rotor and fixed-wing platforms through an objective-based program alongside the AirMed flight team and aviation crew members.

Time Commitment: The Shannon AirMed Advanced Internship Program begins once a Participant is accepted into the program. The Participants will schedule and train during times specified by the Chief Flight Medic/Nurse with the opportunity to, when invited, attend crew training, skills labs, crew meetings, discussion forums, pre and post briefings and ride-outs with the flight crew members.

Program Components

Program Participants will be involved in the following Program Components:

  • Training Sessions and Skills Labs: Participate in training sessions and skills lab with AirMed crew members in various types of scene or inter-facility scenario based care settings.

  • Crew Meetings: Attend crew meetings that involve training opportunities, policy and protocol review and guest speakers for educational purposes.

  • Discussion Forums & Debriefings: Collaborate with crew members, other Shannon medical professionals involved in the care of the patient, and the aviation partners involved in pre and post flight debriefings.

  • Ride-Outs: Participants are paired with a senior crew member by the Chief Flight Medic/Nurse to participate in ride-outs on the rotor or fixed-wing aircraft.


  • Current Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) EMT-Paramedic License or current Texas Board of Nursing Registered Nurse (RN) License.

  • Current Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatrics Advanced Life Support (PALS) from the American Heart Association (AHA).

  • Demonstrated interest in pre-hospital and flight medical care.

Application Acceptance

Applications will be accepted at the discretion of the Chief Flight Medic/Nurse, Program Director and Medical Director.

How to Apply

  1. Submit an e-mail to the Chief Flight Medic and Chief Flight Nurse containing EMT-P or RN name, contact phone number, EMT-P/RN License Number, and an explanation of interests and career goals in relation to the Advanced Internship Program Objective.

  • Subject line: "EMT-P/RN First and Last Name – AirMed Advanced Internship Program Consideration Request”;

  • E-Mail Addresses:
  1. The applicant information will be reviewed by the Chief Flight Medic, Chief Flight Nurse, Program Director and Medical Director.

  2. The applicant will be scheduled for on onsite interview with the AirMed Leadership Team.

  3. After review, verification of the information and interview, the EMT-P/RN will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance into the Program.

Acceptance into the Program

If accepted, the Participant will be required to complete the following steps with the Shannon Human Resources Department, regardless of current Shannon employment status.

  1. Review and sign the Advanced Internship Program Policy;

  2. Complete an Intern Application Form;

  3. Review and sign the Code of Conduct & Compliance Program Acknowledgement, Confidentiality Statement, and Information Systems Security Agreement;

  4. Complete the Intern Orientation with the Shannon Human Resources Department;

  5. Complete and meet all Employee Health Standards required of Flight Paramedics/Nurses upon entry to the Program and on an on-going basis; and

  6. Complete a Background Investigation Release Form and successfully pass a Background Investigation by the Shannon Human Resources Department.

Program Incentives

A Shannon Badge will be issued to the Participant once accepted into the Program and all components of acceptance are completed with the Shannon Human Resources Department. It is important to note that immediately upon the Participants departure from the Program, the Shannon issued badge must be promptly returned to the Chief Flight Medic/Nurse.

The Participant will be eligible for a 25% discount at all Shannon Cafeteria locations while participating in intern functions.

No monetary compensation will be paid to the Participants. Benefits to the Participants are strictly based on exposure to professional development activities, training and education provided to the Participant. The goal of participation in the Program is to develop a relationship with the Participant and help identify future fully employed Critical Care Flight Paramedics/RNs.