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Employer benefits

Employers receive the following benefits when using Shannon Occupational Medicine and Injury Clinic.

Priority treatment

  • Occupational Medicine and Injury Clinic offers only occupational medicine services
  • Immediate care for walk-ins
  • Scheduled appointments available
  • Reduction in employee time away from work

Employer communication

  • Keeps employer informed of employee status, work restrictions and expectations for date of full recovery
  • Schedules and pre-certifies referrals for additional studies and/or specialist evaluation and keeps employer informed of appointments

Return to work plan

  • Return to work is considered an important part of all treatment plans
  • Minimizes lost work time
  • Reduces disability costs
  • Provides ongoing support to the injured worker

Billing and claims

  • Assists with expediting administrative and workers' compensation paperwork

Expertise in federal and state regulations

  • Eliminates compliance headaches

One-stop shopping

  • Provides all occupational medicine health services businesses may require

Case management services for non-subscribers to workers' compensation

Telemedicine visits direct to job site locations

  • If you are injured at a job site or remote location, you now have the option of seeing a health care provider from you phone, tablet or computer
  • Benefits:
    • Easy set-up
    • Quick and convenient care
    • Eliminates the need to drive to our clinic for an in-person visit
    • Assessment and orders within minutes
    • Perfect for minor injuries

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