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Injury management

Medical costs related to an occupational injury are only a fraction of the costs incurred from an injury. Crucial to effective rehabilitation for the injured worker is a healthcare provider who assesses the injured worker's condition and provides appropriate diagnostic procedures and a plan of care that facilitates return to health and function as quickly as medically feasible.

Shannon Occupational Medicine and Injury Clinic is mindful of your bottom line. Our injury management is designed with your concerns in mind. We provide quality care to your injured workers with the mission of returning them to function as quickly as possible. At the same time, we control the medical costs and minimize your administrative headaches.

Shannon Occupational Medicine and Injury Clinic quality services that employers appreciate include:

  • Prompt treatment. Your injured workers are seen immediately and efficiently.
  • Communication. We report to you promptly on your employee's condition, including diagnosis, treatment plan and return-to-work status.
  • Clinical quality. Shannon Occupational Medicine and Injury Clinic is backed by clinical professionals who are trained and experienced in trauma, occupational medicine, toxicology and hazardous exposures. For cases requiring care from another specialist, an appropriate referral is arranged with our panel of physicians, who represent a wide range of medical and surgical specialties.
  • Regulatory compliance program. Shannon Occupational Medicine and Injury Clinic offers post-accident drug and alcohol testing as mandated by your company.
  • Verification of employment and treatment authorization.
  • Return-to-work philosophy. We understand that time is money, so we'll work to get your employees back on the job quickly. Not only are we committed to treating injured employees promptly, but our modified work policy helps cut lost work time for industrial accidents.

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