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Trauma Survivors Network

Helping Survivors of Traumatic Injury and Their Families Through the Recovery Process

We are here for you.

Most of us have little experience with traumatic injury. A sudden injury, the accompanying hospitalization, and the recovery journey can be filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and frustration. The American Trauma Society has partnered with Shannon Medical Center to assist you through this difficult time. The main goal of the Trauma Survivors Network is to help you connect with others and rebuild your life after a serious injury.

Find Support

We encourage you to explore our website, Trauma Survivors Network | Shannon Medical Center, to learn about the free programs, services, and resources the TSN has to offer you. The TSN website provides a place for trauma patients and their loved ones to connect with other survivors and get the information they need to help rebuild their lives post traumatic injury. Joining together with the TSN gives you access to:

  • An online community where trauma survivors and their families share experiences and information, as well as provide support and hope to one another
  • The NextSteps online class where trauma survivors work together with trained group leaders to explore the ways life has changed since the injury
  • The Traumapedia, an online resource for information, where you can learn about trauma care and rehabilitation
  • Information about other TSN programs and events available through Shannon Medical Center and the online TSN community

When you have experienced a major event in your life, like being injured, it is helpful to talk with other people who are facing similar challenges. Currently, we are holding virtual Trauma Survivors Support Groups twice a month. These groups focus on strengthening survivors through reducing isolation, easing emotional stress, normalizing the experience of recovery, and increasing the survivor’s self-efficacy. Contact our TSN Coordinator to get registered.

Support Others

If you are one of our former trauma patients, you know what it is like to have lived through the trauma recovery experience, including the rescue scene, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and returning home. You are able to understand the concerns of new trauma patients on a deeply personal level.

We at Shannon Medical Center are looking for Peer Visitation Volunteers who can help our newly injured patients through this difficult time and serve as a positive role model for their future. By volunteering to become a Peer Visitor, you will have the opportunity to meet with currently hospitalized trauma survivors to offer your encouragement and support. You will receive training and continued support, and would be able to arrange convenient times to meet with patients in the hospital either in person or virtually.

If you have experienced a traumatic injury and would like to become a Peer Visitor, Shannon’s TSN Coordinator can connect you.

Please contact Hannah Corbus, Trauma Survivors Network Coordinator at 325.747.5088, or by email at

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