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Pregnancy & Parenting Classes

Building Blocks Baby Classes

Several classes make up the Building Blocks series. The Caring for Your Newborn class consists of infant CPR overview including choking hazards and hands-on practice; car seat safety discussing Texas laws, age-appropriate seats and demonstrations; basics of newborn care such as feeding, bottles and pacifiers, fussy baby, jaundice, and the five S’s to comfort and swaddling; home safety highlighting door latches, smoke alarms, gun safety and other ways to make sure your baby is safe. Upon completion of the classes, parents will receive a report card. If parents attend 3 of the Building Blocks classes listed below, present their completed report card and deliver their baby at Shannon, they will be eligible to receive a car seat for their new addition. Online classes will count towards one of the three required classes.

In addition, All About Childbirth, Breastfeeding Boot Camp, and Doting Siblings classes are available. The childbirth classes are available in a two-week series, a Weekend Express course, or online eLearning Online Childbirth Classes.

All About Childbirth

Receive helpful information about labor and childbirth to minimize your fears and help you make informed decisions. The classes include symptoms of labor, information about Cesarean sections, relaxation and breathing techniques and a tour of the Labor and Delivery Unit. We offer evening classes that meet for two weeks, and also feature the full class on Saturdays. Click here for dates.

Breastfeeding Boot Camp

Learn techniques and tips about breastfeeding as well as the benefits it provides for you and your little one. Breastfeeding includes positioning for a good latch, benefits of breastfeeding, signs of good feeding, information on pumping and storage of breast milk and handling discomforts. Classes available online or click here for dates. We also offer private appointments with our Lactation Consultant. To learn more, call 325.747.2359.

Caring for your Newborn

Infant CPR, car seat safety, basics of newborn care, comforting your newborn and home safety tips are covered in this informative class. Click here for dates.

Doting Siblings

This class is specifically for big brothers and big sisters! Sibling class is for 4-year-olds and older and covers holding the baby, changing diapers, changes at home, what babies do, and how siblings can help with the new baby. Due to current COVID-19 safety measures, we are not scheduling these classes at this time. We hope to add them later in the year. Click here for dates.

Evenings with Grandparents

This class gives grandparents a refresher and look into how recommendations have changed. We currently do not have any upcoming dates scheduled, but please check with our Birth Planner office or our website for more information.

Finding Alternatives for Labor Pain

Learn breathing, relaxation and massage techniques to use throughout labor. Click here for dates.

Going Home Safely

Educate yourself and learn how to protect your infant in our Safe Baby class for expectant families or parents and caregivers of children under 12 months. Click here for dates.

Healing Infant Message

Healing Infant Massage is a parent-trained touch massage course for parents and their infant(s). The course includes: benefits of infant massage, behavioral states and infant cues, proper positioning during infant massage, the IAIM Massage routine (massage strokes), adaptations for older infant/child and hands on practice.

This is a 3 part course, and is 1 – 1 ½ hours in length for each session.

We currently do not have any upcoming dates scheduled, but please check with our Birth Planner office or our website for more information.

Signing Up for Classes

To register for classes, call 325.747.2359.

Click here to see the full schedule!

All Classes are FREE and are taught by experienced childbirth and lactation educators. Unless specified, all classes are in the first floor conference room at the Shannon Women’s and Children’s Hospital, 201 E. Harris. All classes are free and are available on RSVP basis. For more information or to register for a class, call 325.747.2359.

Classes Online

Shannon Medical Center offers anytime, anywhere parent education classes powered by YoMingo®, an education program designed to give you convenient access to valuable information. It includes the tools and support you need at every stage.

YoMingo gives you access to:

  • Evidence-based information on prenatal care, labor & birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and newborn care including lots of videos
  • Information specific to your arrival and stay at Shannon Medical Center
  • List of available classes and support groups
  • Kick counter, contraction timer, personal journal, feeding log, immunization log, and other tools

This education powered by YoMingo is available on any device with an internet connection ad also as a mobile app called myYoMingo. It also comes in multiple languages.

Register for the program by contacting Robyn Tucker at 325.747.6332 or emailing her at Once you have registered, you will receive an email invitation from where you can create a unique password and login. Then, you can also download the mobile app version by searching your app store for “myYoMingo”.

Already registered? Log in here:

Disclaimer: The information in YoMingo® is NOT intended to take the place of a healthcare provider or any information that your healthcare provider has discussed with you about your own personal health. It is imperative and advised that you find care and work with your healthcare provider to keep yourself healthy and safe. Always call your healthcare provider with any questions you may have. By creating an account in YoMingo, you have verified that you have read and agree to this disclaimer.

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