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Our Team

Taking a People-First Approach to Cancer Treatment

Shannon’s Oncology Center is a trusted name in cancer care for our community. In addition to utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge treatment methods, we employ a multidisciplinary team of specialized professionals who work collaboratively to ensure truly comprehensive oncological diagnosis, treatment, and recovery services.

Our team includes:

  • James Studt, MD: Board-certified radiation oncology
  • Raj Cheruku, MD: Board-certified medical oncology, board-certified hematology, board-certified internal medicine
  • David Cummings, MD: Board-certified medical oncology
  • Andy Hall, DO: Board-certified internal medicine and medical oncology
  • Cindy Tschudi, APRN, MSN, FNP-C: Board-certified nurse practitioner
  • Ashley DeBusk, APRN, MSN, FNP: Board-certified nurse practitioner
  • Robert Jackson, APRN, FNP-C: Board-certified nurse practitioner
  • Board-certified pathologists
  • Linda Hitchcock, MD, FAAFP, CAQ, CMD: Board-certified palliative care, board-certified geriatric medicine and hospice, board-certified family practice
  • Board-certified surgeons
  • Board-certified diagnostic radiologists
  • Licensed dietician
  • Medical physicist
  • Dosimetrists
  • Oncology and Lymphedema certified Physical Therapists
  • Oncology certified Nurse Navigators
  • Oncology certified social worker
  • Pharmacists

No matter where you are on your cancer journey, our team is here to help. To learn more about our diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation services, reach out to our Shannon Oncology Center. When you choose our locally owned facility, you gain access to hundreds of professionals—including GI, cardiopulmonary, pain management, and rehabilitative specialists—all delivering innovative, exceptional care.

Call us at 325.747.2025 to schedule an appointment.

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