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Feel Better During Cancer Care and Recovery

Feel Better During Cancer Care and Recovery

In 2021, the Shannon Health Club launched a program in partnership with renowned Cooper Wellness Strategies™, a Cooper Aerobics company, to help individuals manage chronic health conditions. After launching the Cooper Cardiovascular Track, the Health Club is now introducing the Cancer Track. Instructed by trained professionals in the Shannon Health Club, the Cooper Cancer Track is designed for individuals in any stage of their cancer journey, whether they are currently undergoing treatment or are in recovery and remission.

The Details

The program lasts eight weeks, with classes held twice per week, for a total of 16 classes. Hourlong classes include 30 to 40 minutes of cardio activity and 15 minutes of strength training, along with group education. Participants will have access to individualized exercise in a group setting; comprehensive health education on topics such as chronic disease, nutrition, healthy lifestyles and stress management; health assessments before and after completion of the program (both will be sent to the referring physician); social support and accountability; and exercise tracking tools.

Cooper Tracks is an exercise and education program designed to guide and support individuals through exercising, increasing confidence and developing habits to live healthier lives by managing their chronic disease and improving their immune health.

"In launching the Cardiovascular Track, the comradery between participants was one of the first things we noticed," says Jodi Wooldridge, RN, CCS, Cooper Tracks Program Coordinator. "My hope is that the clients that enroll in the Cancer Track will connect with each other and create a network of social support that positively impacts their health."

The Cancer Track includes many helpful resources and exercises designed to strengthen the mind and body during and after cancer diagnosis and treatments.

Participants will receive materials and training on topics such as:

  • Cardiovascular exercise.
  • Strength training.
  • Functional mobility and injury prevention.
  • Exercise progression and goal setting.
  • Integrative medicine.
  • Nutrition for cancer.
  • Building a healthy plate.
  • Supplements for cancer recovery.
  • Physician/patient relationships.
  • Fatigue and energy conservation.
  • Triggers and barriers.
  • Support systems.
  • Dealing with grief.
  • Positivity and resilience.
  • Stress management.

"This track is special to me as a nurse, but also personally after losing my sister-in-law in 2013 to cervical cancer at the age of 45," Jodi says. "I watched fatigue and depression affect her cancer journey significantly. I'm excited about the impact that Cooper Tracks will have in those two areas, as we use exercise endorphins to elevate their mood and strength training to combat fatigue."

Get Started Today!

Contact Jodi at 325.747.2587 or at to learn more about Cooper Tracks and how it can help you.