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Shannon Cancer Center Certified as Tattoo- and Mark-Free Radiation Oncology Program

Shannon Cancer Center Certified as Tattoo- and Mark-Free Radiation Oncology Program

Shannon’s radiation oncology department at the Shannon Cancer Center is now officially recognized as a tattoo- and mark-free radiation treatment center – the only program of its kind in the western half of Texas.

This designation from Vision RT highlights Shannon’s adoption of surface-guided radiation therapy (SGRT), which eliminates the need for permanent or semi-permanent tattoos for patients undergoing radiation treatments. This exclusive, cutting-edge technology helps Shannon offer more comfortable and more accurate treatment for radiation patients.

Surface-guided radiation therapy (SGRT) is a computerized system that uses 3D stereo cameras to track the patient’s position before and during radiation treatments. While traditional radiation therapy relied on a series of tattoos on the patient’s body to help position the patient for treatment, the SGRT system scans the patient’s skin surface and monitors the patient’s position before and during treatment. If the patient moves or shifts during treatment, treatment is automatically paused and radiation therapists can reposition the patient without compromising the effectiveness of the treatment.

“We’re very excited to offer tattoo- and mark-free radiation at the Shannon Cancer Center to patients in the Concho Valley and beyond,” said James Studt, MD, radiation oncologist. “Using tattoos to position patients during radiation treatment has been common practice for many years, but a lot of new research shows that choosing tattoo-less treatment has better clinical and mental-emotional outcomes for patients. The SGRT system allows us to provide even more accurate radiation than with tattoos, and our patients no longer have permanent visual reminders of their radiation treatments.”

Radiation therapists at the Shannon Cancer Center were required to complete extensive additional training on the use of the SGRT tattoo- and mark-free system, which is one of several new treatment modalities available through Shannon’s oncology program.

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