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Cardiac Rehabilitation in San Angelo

Whether you are recovering from an episode of chest pain or major heart surgery, Shannon is there to help! Cardiac rehabilitation is a multifaceted, individualized team approach to recovery from heart disease. The cardiac rehab team is a group of professionals, including physicians, registered nurses, fitness specialists, registered dietitians, and pharmacists.

The cardiac rehab team has four basic goals for each patient:

  1. Monitor and improve a patient's physical condition to ensure a safe recovery.
  2. Promote healthy lifestyle changes to avoid future heart problems.
  3. Improve a patient's psychological well-being.
  4. Increase a patient's knowledge and understanding of cardiovascular disease.

Our program is located at:

Shannon Clinic South 3
3350 Executive Dr.
San Angelo, TX
Fax: 325.747.5781

Cardiac rehabilitation requires a physician's referral and a primary evaluation. If you have these two items and would like to schedule an appointment, call us at 325.747.5722.

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