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Heart surgery

We want your heart to be healthy so you can enjoy a fun, active life, and sometimes heart surgery may be needed to make sure your heart is functioning like it was created to, or better.

About Heart Surgery

The majority of heart surgery is done to repair coronary artery disease, a blockage of the blood vessels that deliver blood to the heart muscle. Shannon's thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons also perform heart surgery to replace or repair the valves of the heart.

Most often, heart surgery requires opening the chest through the sternum or breast bone. The bone is closed at the end of the operation and the healing process is just like if your leg or arm was broken, with the exception of needing a cast.

Patients require five to seven days in the hospital after surgery depending on the severity of their condition prior to the operation.

After their hospital stay, patients will be able to perform all their activities to get through the day—showering, using the bathroom, walking and brushing teeth—with little assistance.

Patients excel in their recovery when they comply with the discharge instructions provided to them prior to leaving the hospital. This requires taking prescribed medications, daily walking and breathing exercises, controlling diabetes/diet, and completing a well-prescribed cardiac rehabilitation program.

Total recovery time varies among patients due to individualized pre-existing limitations. Most people are back to full strength or better by four to six months after surgery.

Currently, Shannon Medical Center is the only hospital in the Concho Valley with a cardiovascular surgery program. Patient safety is our top priority, and having two cardiovascular surgeons available 24/7 means patients at Shannon receive care in optimal time if surgery is needed.

About Our Team

Our experienced team of cardiac specialists have performed more operations and provided more cardiac care than anyone else in the region. More importantly, we have a full spectrum of cardiac services availablefrom medication management to cardiac catheterizations to open heart surgeryso patients may receive convenient treatment at Shannon. We want you to receive exceptional care in your hometown, with your family and loved ones close by, instead of traveling outside the area for high-level cardiac care. As you know, when it comes to cardiac care, every minute matters.

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