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Stroke Center

As a Primary Stroke Center, Shannon is equipped with an integrated emergency response team, stroke-trained neurosurgeons, neurologists and nursing staff, as well as the ability to administer thrombolytic therapy (tPA). Primary Stroke Center designation means that Shannon also offers a Stroke Unit with an acute stroke program coordinator, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, CT scan and MRI diagnostic testing, home healthcare, and social services.

"Few conditions occur as rapidly and with as destructive consequences as stroke; therefore, the most crucial factor of stroke treatment is to seek immediate medical care," said Chris Vanderzant, DO, Medical Director of Shannon's Acute Stroke Unit and Rehabilitation Center. "Get With The Guidelines–Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award demonstrates that our staff is committed to providing care that has been shown in the scientific literature to quickly and efficiently treat stroke patients with evidence-based protocols."

Get with the Guidelines Stroke Gold Plus Achievement AwardShannon Medical Center was awarded the Get With the Guidelines®- Stroke Gold Plus Achievement Award from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association.

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