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Breast Cancer Navigator

Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer is often frightening for patients. Shannon offers certified Breast Navigators to guide patients along their journey to treatment and serve as a point of contact for any questions they may have along the way. Whether a patient’s needs are medical, emotional, financial, or anything else, our team is here to provide the best support possible.

The main goal of a Breast Navigator is to help provide patients with information and educate them on processes so they do not have determine what to do next on their own. It is completely normal to not know what examinations and procedures are needed for your specific needs—this is where the Breast Navigator comes in to offer guidance and information on what steps are next. Here is a short overview of the role of our Breast Navigator.

Some of the most common resources provided are:

  • Informing patients on their next steps

  • Explain each procedure in detail, as well as schedule the appointments

  • Walk patients through their treatment plan

  • Refer patients to an oncologist, surgeon, or other provider

  • Give patients information and resources on financial aid opportunities

  • Be a trusted advocate to give patients control during their care

We work closely with both Shannon providers, as well as doctors out of town, to meet the needs to each individual. Our department has many resources to connect each patient the care they need, whether the next step is through an oncologist or a surgeon. Our team also works with and refers patients to the Shannon Oncology Nurse Navigator, to assist in further cancer treatment assistance. Our goal is to make the patient’s transition to each department as smooth as possible.

We want our patients to know they are never alone in their journey and that they have a voice in this process. There is fear in the unknown, but we are here to make them as comfortable and informed as possible. We are always available for a call or visit.

Breast Navigators are available before, during and after cancer treatment care. Each Breast Navigator is certified through the National Consortium of Breast Centers. Each certification takes many months of training and testing, as well as an obligation to maintain and continue education.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment with a Breast Navigator, please call the Shannon Imaging Center at 325.747.2339.