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Interventional Breast Procedures

Stereotactic and Tomographic Biopsy Procedures

When breast cancer is suspected, you and your healthcare team want to know the results quickly so a treatment plan can be put in motion. Early diagnosis leads to earlier treatment and a greater chance for a full recovery. Convenience of imaging services and a highly trained staff is also a vital part of this process.

Stereotactic breast biopsy applies advanced imaging technology to map the precise location of the area of interest seen on your mammogram. This procedure is performed at the center in a sterile and relaxed setting. A local anesthetic is applied and the breast is compressed similar to a mammogram. A biopsy needle extracts several small pieces of tissue from the exact area of concern with pinpoint accuracy. After the biopsy, the results are read at Shannon and you are notified of the results within 48 to 72 hours.

"We want women to seek comfort in the fact that technology and training combine to help us detect breast cancers when they are present—early detection can often mean complete recovery," Dr. Snuggs said. This equipment at the Shannon Breast Center allows us to continue to deliver advanced breast care to the women of our community."

SCOUT Radar Localization System

Shannon Breast Center uses SCOUT, a wire-free radar localization system developed to offer a more comfortable and convenient option for marking breast tumors and biopsy sites. SCOUT also offers a more precise location and surgical guidance during procedures.

SCOUT works by placing a "reflector" (a tiny device about the size of a grain of rice) into the targeted tissue. The system then uses safe non-radioactive radar waves to detect the reflector's location within the breast. The reflector is completely passive until activated in the operating room when your surgeon uses the SCOUT system to locate and remove both the targeted tissue and the reflector. The reflector placed on a separate day in advance of your scheduled surgery date. Normal activity can be resumed once placed.

Benefits of SCOUT Radar Localization

  • Can simplify your day of surgery, increasing convenience and lessening anxiety

  • Your daily activities will not be restricted

  • May minimize your wait time on day of surgery

  • SCOUT provides guidance for precise tumor localization, which helps increase the likelihood of complete removal and helps reduce the chances of a second surgery

  • Surgeon is able to plan the incision during surgery, which may allow for less tissue removal and result in better cosmetic results.

To schedule your mammogram, call the Shannon Breast Center at 325.747.2339.