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Women's Health

At Shannon, we are committed to providing the best comprehensive care possible to all of our patients—especially women! The women in our community fill a diverse set of roles, and we are proud to support them by offering the only hospital dedicated to women and children and a women-only fitness center.

Shannon provides a diverse, all-encompassing range of specialized healthcare resources and services for women of all ages, including childbirth and gynecological health, heart health, cancer care, and prevention and wellness.

Preventive care

At Shannon Clinic, your OB-GYN physicians are the answer to staying healthy for life. Women need dedicated, caring physicians to ensure that their preventive healthcare needs are met in a timely manner. There is no better option for the care of women than their own OB-GYN who specializes specifically in women's healthcare.

The Shannon Clinic OB-GYN physicians are able to treat diseases, test for problems and counsel women about their options of treatment or prevention. To facilitate this, there is a dedicated women and children's clinic that has a full-service laboratory and billing office if you have questions or need help with your billing. Our waiting room is comfortable and spacious.

  • Vaccinations are available to help you stay healthy and prevent the flu, pneumonia and other diseases.
  • Shannon Clinic also offers a Women's Imaging Center for your convenience so that mammograms can be done in privacy and comfort. Other studies may also be scheduled there.
  • In the clinic, we make sure that your paptest is done to detect cancer or precancerous problems on the cervix. If these problems are found early, they are more treatable and have a better outcome. We offer the latest thin-prep paptest as well as the standard pap.
  • Screening for sexually transmitted infections (STI) is offered. Many women have no symptoms and only preventive screening will discover them. STIs can cause infertility, pain and other problems, so finding them early and treating them can prevent these problems.
  • We screen for heart disease by checking your cholesterol and blood pressure and perform other testing that may be indicated.
  • We also counsel women about living a healthier lifestyle, including exercise, eating well, smoking cessation and other issues. We can prescribe medications for this and for osteoporosis prevention and treatment.
  • PMS, menopause and depression are also well understood by our OB-GYNs who specialize in women's healthcare.

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