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Don’t Forget Your Annual Wellness Visit!

Don’t Forget Your Annual Wellness Visit!

The Shannon Access Clinic is now providing the Annual Wellness program, a service offered to Medicare patients at no cost. This program gives patients the opportunity to speak with a provider to discuss medical and surgical histories, preventive care, and screenings. The main goal of this program is to help discover potential health risks or issues and create a preventive care plan for the individual.

An Annual Wellness appointment will include:

  • Consultation on medical, surgical and family history
  • Measurement of height, weight, BMI and blood pressure
  • Ordering of preventive testing that may be needed (for example, colonoscopies, DXA scans, mammograms)
  • Administering of vaccines, such as pneumonia and flu
  • Advance care planning

To be eligible for an Annual Wellness visit, patients must be covered by Medicare for at least one year. Typically this service is for those ages 65 and older, but younger individuals with disabilities may also be covered.

Reach Out

For more information or to request an Annual Wellness visit, please contact Sylvia Sanchez, MA, Annual Wellness Coordinator, at 325.481.2258.