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Meet Moxi

Meet Moxi

Shannon has partnered with Diligent Robotics to bring in new technology to support the work of our nurses and clinical teams. Moxi, a point-to-point delivery robot, helps clinical staff spend less time doing everyday tasks that take them away from the units so they can spend more time providing care to their patients.

According to research studies, approximately 30% of nurses' time during their shifts is spent running items to and from their departments. As an extension to the tube system already being used, Moxi was implemented to take some of that workload off nursing staff by running the errands for them. Moxi securely transports and retrieves items such as medications, supplies and equipment.

"At Shannon, our people are our most important resource in delivering care to our patients," says Pam Bradshaw, DNP, RN, FAONL, MBA, NEA-BC, Chief Operations Officer at Shannon Medical Center. "Our goal for Moxi is to be a helpful teammate that relieves some of the burden on our staff and really lets them focus on the work with our patients that requires their extensive training and expertise."

How the Robots Run Errands

Currently, Shannon has two Moxi units in service at the downtown campus. These units are in service 24/7 and only need to charge two hours per day. The robots do not interact with patients or visitors. They simply help retrieve and deliver items to staff upon request.

Moxi is capable of going to any patient unit within the hospital. It can also travel to Central Supply, Inpatient Pharmacy and the lab. The robot is not allowed in patient rooms and is unable to travel outside the building.

The sensors and cameras on Moxi enable it to navigate around walls, objects and people. It is programmed to move slower in high traffic areas. In the event of an emergency, Moxi has a red button at its base that can be pushed, which allows the robot to be moved around so it can be pushed out of the way.

Returning the Focus to Our Patients

"We are very excited and are hopeful this will be a great help to our team," Pam says. "The goal is to be able to cut 50% of tasks nurses are currently doing that take them off the unit. If we are able to assist our nursing staff this way, we feel as though we are able to help our patients have a better experience while in the hospital."

The Moxi robots are used through a subscription and are paid on a per-task basis. This allows for continual updates to the robots as they are developed. Shannon is one of the first hospitals to implement a Moxi robot into its health system.

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