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Why we love Shannon

Our mission is to provide exceptional healthcare to our family, friends and neighbors. This is not possible without the hard work and dedication of each of our associates. Here is what they say about why they love working at Shannon:

"I love Shannon because I believe in what we do here. My family and friends see our providers and I know they receive care from trained and caring individuals on every level. I've been here 25 years. Shannon is family to me."
—Donna Douglas, LVN, Family Practice/Dr. Melott

"I love working for Shannon because they have been very good to me over the years. I enjoy working with my coworkers and I have the best boss ever. It has afforded me the time I needed to raise a family, be there for my kids as they were growing up, and to help the ones in the community who needed us. Thank you, SMC!"
—Shirley Morris, Patient Account Representative/Collector

"I love working at Shannon because I have a great manager, Peggy Adams; a great pair of directors, Sheryl Moon and Loretta Ketterer; and numerous great coworkers. I also have total confidence in all the doctors and the work they perform. I am a cancer survivor thanks to Dr. John Harvey, Dr. David Cummings and Dr. Luis Duarte. I could not ask for a better place to work than Shannon."
—Barbara Stewart, Customer Service Representative/Cashier, Business Office

"I had tried for several years to gain employment at Shannon at various jobs as a nurse, then a coder, then as an auditor, without success. I worked at Goodfellow for more than six years and we always joked about the 'Civilian Sector.' Needless to say, as a contractor for GAFB, I made a good salary but there were no extras—good medical insurance, dental or vision, advancement, etc. It was not where I wanted to retire. Finally in 2010, I saw an ad on Shannon's website for an EMR Analyst. It was exactly what I was doing at GAFB. So I applied on a Thursday at lunch, Friday morning Rhoda Bluford called me and gave her spiel, as I was half listening, about applying for the job. I was in shock that it was 'Shannon.' She set me up with an interview on Monday, and by the time I left the interview I was a Shannon employee! When Rhoda did my orientation, salary, vacation, 401K, etc., I stopped her during the middle of her presentation to me and asked her if Shannon gave this to all of their employees. She looked at me rather puzzled and said, 'yes.' I told her I did not understand why anyone would ever leave Shannon! What a fabulous place to work! Shannon is the best place I have worked in my 30 years of working experience! Not only do they pay well, they offer good medical, dental and vision benefits; vacation; and an excellent 401K. They do amazing things for their employees all the time—lunches, t-shirts, recognition, and they request input from their associates and then actually use it. I could go on and on...Until you have worked in an environment that does nothing but print a paycheck, you will not understand how lucky you are to have an employer like Shannon. I am a green shamrock through and through! Thank you, Shannon!"
—Linda Smith, LVN, CPC, EMR Analyst/Clinical Informatics, IT

"I love working for an organization that places such strong values as a top priority. Our providers and associates care about what is best for our patients and are constantly working to bring new specialties and techniques to our area. I am proud of the history and uniqueness of Shannon and am constantly amazed by how much we are growing. I am blessed to work for a talented and inspiring director in a department that allows me to work with so many different associates; share our patients' stories; and bring new, creative ideas to life."
—Kori Knappe, Marketing Coordinator

"I have been at SMC for 20 years. I have always thought this was the best place to be because we have the most caring, thoughtful and professional staff who are caring for friends and families of the area. I always tell people that Shannon is part of my family. This was proven ten-fold when our second child was born with issues that sent us to Cook's. Though we were far from home for a long time, I had daily reminders that my Shannon family had not forgotten us! The kindness that was shown to us during our very difficult ordeal will never be forgotten. From donated PTO, to gift cards for personal items or a meal away from the hospital, to a place to sleep at night, my Shannon family took care of things before I even knew I needed them! I will never be able to thank each person individually, but I have seen time and time again since then, when one of our own needs help, this Shannon Family jumps in with both feet to take care of each other! When we take care of each other, the patients benefit most! I LOVE this Shannon family!"
—Nicole Schwertner, Trauma Registrar

"I love working at Shannon because of our exceptional employees and physicians. I love coming to work and seeing part of my 'work family.' Shannon is a great hospital because it cares about its employees with occasional bonuses, incentives and many opportunities for its own to grow."
—Angel Lopez, RN, BSN, Women's Health/4N

"I have worked at Shannon 19 years. I worked in surgery for 13 years. Teamwork is very important in the OR, and we spend a lot of time with each other and depend on each other to assure a good outcome for our patients. We have become such a close-knit 'work family' and I LOVE it! Shannon as an employer has been very good to me through the years. I can't think of any other place I'd rather be."
—Angela Pulliam, RN, Surgical Services, General/Vascular Team Leader

"I love working at Shannon because I have a great deal of trust in those making the important decisions for our organization. I don't have to question decisions, even difficult ones, because I know those in charge truly have in mind what is best for our associates, our families, friends and neighbors, and our community. It is invaluable to me that Shannon values integrity as much as I do."
—Stacie Elizondo BSN, RNC-MNN, Administrative Director, Women's & Children's Hospital

"I work in Women's Health. I love celebrating with families and helping them learn how to take care of the new baby that just came into their lives. I laugh with patients and I cry with them. Even on the most difficult night I have ever had here, I have never not wanted to come back the next day. I love my job and my coworkers!"
—Julie Dooley, LVN, Women's Health

"I love my job! I feel like I make a difference in the hospital stay of our patients at St. John's. I really like working one-on-one with all the patients. I cannot make them well and I cannot take the pain away, however, I can enter each and every room with a positive attitude and a smile and do my best to help them have a better day. When I have a difficult situation, I try extra hard to end up with a positive experience for each and every one involved. I work in a great department, and we all work together as a team so our patients have the best food possible, even when there are strict diet restrictions."
—Frances Strakos, Diet Tech, St. John's Food & Nutrition Services

"I have stayed with Shannon since it is a great place to work and a good environment. I enjoy all the work I do along with all of my fellow associates. The work I love to do the most is cooking—it has always been my passion. I have worked at Shannon since I was in high school, and on May 8 I will have been at Shannon for 42 years. I have always worked in Food& Nutrition. Sounds like true love to me."
—Frank Guzman, Team Leader, St. John's Food & Nutrition Services

"I love walking through the halls at the hospital and saying hello to people or helping others who are lost or need help in the cafeteria. I love that I have been given so many opportunities to grow and learn. Thank you, Shannon, for having faith in my abilities and for being so much more than just a place of employment."
—Karen Loemker, Assistant Director, Business Office

"I enjoy being a part of the Shannon team. All people here are treated with respect. My coworkers and management team are friendly, knowledgeable and caring."
—Mary Palos, Shannon Care Coordination

"I love working at Shannon for the sense of community and family. I have always felt welcomed since the day I started and have made some real and lasting friendships with the people I have worked with. Shannon feels like home to me."
—Sarah Tambunga, RN, BSN, Employee Wellness Coordinator, Shannon Health & Wellness

"I love working at Shannon because of the team I work with. I have worked places where people complained they hated their job, and that was very tiring to hear. It is such a relief to come to work at a place that I am happy to work for, and all the others I work with are happy to be here, too! These people are positive, love Shannon and love their job. That is energizing and priceless."
—Sandra Eaton, Staff Development Office Assistant

"I love working at Shannon because of my coworkers, the 401K benefit match and the way Shannon is involved in the community. It makes me proud to be an employee of Shannon."
—Deidre Smith, Business Office

"I love working for a company that focuses on quality healthcare above the bottom line, that makes decisions based on the "current or future needs" of our patients and our community, and that strives to be a leader in the industry, not just accepting the norm."
—Louis Arreola, Business Office

"I love working at Shannon because we truly put patients first. Everyone continually works together to give our patients the best experience in the toughest of times."
—Thomas Wingo, Admission Manager, Shannon Medical Center

"I love working at Shannon because of the excellent care and compassion all the employees show toward my family members. From the doctors, to the nurses, to the ancillary departments, to the housekeepers, plus all the behind the scenes employees...everyone here acts like family and keeps us bonded together."
—Debbi Riemenschneider, MT(ASCP)SM, Microbiologist, Shannon Medical Center

"I love working at Shannon because the people I work with believe it is all about the patients."
—Shelly Suksta, BSN, RN, Staff Development

"I love working at Shannon because it is my family away from family! My co-workers are the best, my manger is my mentor, and senior leadership is the reason I continue to work for Shannon. Shannon has been good to me and my family for my 18 years of service, and my husband has been here at Shannon for 20 years. The patients are another reason I am here. I love providing direct care to patients and knowing I have been part of their healing process!"
—Sarena Salvato, RN

"I love working for an employer that I have the utmost respect for. Shannon's presence and participation in our community is outstanding, along with the continued strive to bring San Angelo and surrounding communities what they need. Shannon is always thinking ahead and making good things happen all around us."
—Sandy Tucker, Insurance Department

"I love working at Shannon because we are a family. Sure, every family has its discrepancies, but at the end of the day, every one of us in multiple capacities are here for the patients and the community, as well as one another. I remember when my department rallied together when a few employees were out for months at a time. Our department arranged to do meals for our coworker, and once a week we would sign up and bring over a ready-to-eat meal for them and their family. Shannon is just an overall great place to work, full of positivity and excitement!"
—Jeffrey Smith, CNA, CM Tech I

"I love working at Shannon because they show respect to their employees, but more importantly, they strive every day to improve care to our patients. I have worked here for 25 years, and it feels like home. My family has always used Shannon for all our medical needs. The reason I work here and my family comes here for our medical care is because they deliver a quality product to my family as a consumer. I couldn't imagine working anywhere else that could better meet my needs as an employee and as a patient."
—Teresa Rainey, RN, CCDS, Rehab Coordinator III

"There are many reasons I appreciate Shannon. First of all, 'We are Shannon,' and there is pride in that, especially when it comes to doing the right thing. I have not worked in another hospital in my 36 years of nursing where the administration is so concerned about all the employees. It is very impressive how administration reaches out to have communication and relationships with them. Diane Zeitler and Delana Johnson are great bosses who are caring and compassionate about their jobs. Most importantly, I am extremely grateful to work with the fantastic CDSs in our department. We are a true team that has each other's back professionally and personally. It doesn't get any better than that."
—Tem Hickman, RN, BSN, CDS, Clinical Documentation Specialist, Shannon Medical Center

"I love working at Shannon because of how much we care about the patients. Every employee I see genuinely cares about the well-being of each and every patient. Even the staff is concerned with each other. It is great that we give off the 'close family' vibe because I feel that embodies everything that Shannon strives for."
—Skylar McWright, Patient Account Representative, Shannon Clinic

"I LOVE working at Shannon because of how close-knit the employees are. We all work together to make sure Shannon is the best place to come for your healthcare needs."
—Melissa Vongprachanh, Second Floor Registrar Specialist, Shannon Clinic

"I love working at Shannon because of the family environment. We have the friendliest coworkers who will check on you not only at work, but even when you are out sick. Patients turn into family, bring you cookies or notice when you have been gone from your usual spot. From the littlest things to the biggest things, Shannon has become my second family these last seven years."
—Cecilia Carrasco, Patient Accounts, Main Clinic

"My favorite part of working at Shannon has to be the employees! Whether it's the doctors, nurses, staff or volunteers, each exudes the same joy and passion for Shannon. Being a cancer survivor who was treated here and a current employee, I've been able to experience both sides of our healthcare. It's amazing to see that the same joy and passion hasn’t gone away and still radiates throughout."
—Kevin M. Castro, Coordinator, Children's Miracle Network

"I have only been here a few months, but this is what I have noticed in a short period of time: I spent 8.5 years in the Army, 13 years in cellular retail and one year in advertising. In every company I have worked for, I have never seen the amount of time and money invested in associates the way Shannon has, does and will continue to do. The programs availableSTAR, Golden Shamrocks, end-of-year incentives, annual merit reviews, retirement parties, Direct Insight meetings, Associate Forums, EAP and many othersproves this organization values its employees in a way that most companies do not! Kudos to Shannon for realizing what is their most important asset—the associates!"
—Abel Fernandez III, HR Coordinator I

"As a new graduate in the ICU, I love how Shannon is providing me with six months of orientation in order to be fully prepared to care for critical patients. I am thankful that I am able to be trained by a great group of ICU nurses."
—Gary Eaton BSN, RN, ICU

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