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Pricing and Estimates

Price Estimator Tool

Shannon provides a Price Estimator Tool through our MyChart Patient Portal. It is not required to have a MyChart account to use the tool. It will enable you to search services by categories or by keyword/CPT code. Next, you can select your insurance plan, enter your information and continue to recieve an estimated cost for that service.

Price Estimator Tool - Click here to get started.

Lists of Charges

Shannon Medical Center provides a listing of the charges for each service we provide as required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The charges reflected in this document do not reflect patients' true out-of-pocket costs. Actual cost will vary for each patient depending on scope of services, insurance coverage and other discounts that may be considered.

Shannon Medical Center Standard Charges

We encourage patients to contact us to obtain the most accurate cost estimate for their care based on each individual circumstance. Please contact the Shannon Pre-Certification Team at 326.657.5248 for assistance.

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