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Cycling Classes

Increase energy, cardiovascular strength and general body fitness. Depending on the pace and resistance you use, your lungs and heart will benefit. Cycling classes also target various muscle groups, which include hamstrings, calves, quadriceps and abs.

Power Ride

(45 min.) A studio cycle class featuring our Keiser M3 bikes and great music. A motivating multi-level cardio workout!

HIIT Blast

(30 min.) You’re going to get your heart pumping and have a blast with this high-intensity interval training spin class!

LesMills Sprint

(30 min.) A high-intensity interval training class using an indoor bike – low impact but the thrills and motivation push your physical and mental limits!


(60 min.) 45 minutes of cardio followed by 15 minutes of yoga-inspired stretch.

Virtual LesMills RPM

Cycling workout where you control the intensity. Dial up the challenge factor to match your fitness level.