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Nutrition Counseling

Individualized nutrition counseling ONLY available to Health Club members.

At Shannon Health Club, a Registered Dietitian is available to meet for one-on-one sessions. Our dietitian has the knowledge and experience to work with many different disease states, weight loss counseling, performance nutrition and general healthy eating.

Diet Analysis

Current eating habits and patterns will be reviewed with the dietitian. Recommendations for improvement

Meal and Menu Planning

Based on the diet analysis, the dietitian can assist in planning healthy meal options and incorporating them into a nutritionally

Performance Nutrition

Dietitians can assist in fueling strategies for training sessions and optimal recovery.

What Can A Dietitian Help Me With? Our goal is to help you learn how to make good nutrition choices and develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Did You Know?

When you book a nutrition counseling visit with our Health Club Dietitian, a complimentary Evolt 360 scan is included!

The Evolt 360 body composition scanner is a simple to use, 60 second scan that provides detailed data about your body. Some of the measurements it provides include: lean body mass, body fat mass and percentage, total body water, visceral fat, and more!

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