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Madison Wilson

  • Author: Madison Wilson
  • Date Submitted: Feb 15, 2013
  • Category: 2013

Richelle Wilson wondered where her daughter was as she pulled up her truck and trailer outside the grocery store in Miles. She knew Madison had hopped out of the car, but she didn't see her cross the street. What Richelle would discover a moment later was every parent's worst nightmare. Madison did not make it across the street.

To Richelle's horror, she found Madison trapped on the pavement beneath the trailer. When the ambulance arrived, they found that Madison had gotten caught by the wheel of the trailer and was dragged across the pavement. The wheel didn't roll over her, but her pelvis had been fractured and her skin was sheared off by the violent road contact.

Madison was rushed to Shannon Medical Center, where she was met by one of the best trauma surgeons in the state (according to colleagues in Dallas). Madison had extensive wounds from being dragged on the ground. The biggest obstacle Madison would have to overcome would be her wound care—and no one could say how this 12-year-old would handle the excruciating pain that would accompany the treatments. She was prescribed morphine.

Although both Madison's father, Bo, and Richelle were in shock over their daughter's trauma, they were surprised and energized by the generous love and support they received from their entire community, who cooked meals, picked up kids, delivered stuffed animals for Madison and tried to meet as many needs of the family as possible.

Since Madison was treated locally at Shannon, her siblings, Hannah and Hasting, were able to spend time with her regularly while she was hospitalized. Madison spent the entire spring either in a wheelchair or on crutches. She demonstrated an incredible energy and spirit, however, by participating in field day before school let out for the summer.