Lactation consultation

Shannon lactation consultation services are available at Shannon Medical Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The consultants receive special training in the area of breastfeeding are certified by the International Lactation Consultant Association.

Breastfeeding Community Gathering held each Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon in the Women’s & Children’s Family Room located on the third floor of the Shannon Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it normal for breastfeeding to hurt?
Slight sensitivity with initial latch is normal but discomfort should completely subside after 15 to 30 seconds of nursing. No pain or discomfort should be felt after that time. If you are experiencing pain, check the infant’s mouth for flanged lips and check that most of the areola is in the infant’s mouth.

How do I know if my baby is getting anything or enough to eat?
We watch for the number of wet and dirty diaper and the infant’s weight to ensure your infant is eating enough. Most infants will lose some weight in the first few days then begin to gain weight, returning to birth weight by two weeks of age.

What is considered a "normal" number of minutes for an infant to remain at each breast?
Feeding times vary greatly baby to baby. The best way to ensure your infant is receiving the right amount of foremilk and hind milk, and empties your breasts adequately is to:

  • Latch infant to right breast and allow infant to nurse until they fall off or goes to sleep with no continued nursing with stimulation.
  • Burp the infant and offer the left breast. The infant may feed less to this side or refuse all together.
  • With the next feeding begin with the left breast. If your left breast feels full or is uncomfortable you may want to pump for comfort and store the milk.

Do breastfed infants need to be burped?
Yes! Most breastfed infants have less gas because there is no air inside the breast for them to swallow. However, the infant can swallow air with latching attempts, during crying spells or just general swallowing while not at the breast. Burping your baby before, during and after a feeding is always a good idea.

Intro- We understand the hustle and bustle of your daily routine. Our breastfeeding classes are also offered online so you may still enjoy the educational experience from the comfort of your own home. The Gift of Motherhood eLearning Breastfeeding Education Program is a convenient alternative for expectant mothers who cannot attend a conventional breastfeeding class due to bed rest, scheduling conflicts or time constraints. It is also useful as a refresher course for repeat moms.

eLearning Breastfeeding Class

The e learning program includes: Access for 90 days, beginning at initial log in. You will receive an access code after you call (325)481-6326. There is no charge for online access. Hand outs are available on the site or from our lactation consultant.


  • The breasts:how they work and change for breastfeeding
  • Latching and positioning the baby
  • Nutrition for mom and baby
  • Special situations related to the mothers breasts
  • Special situations related to the baby
  • Problems that may arise and how to correct them 

Contact: Amanda John (325)481-6326 or email

Motherfriendlyworksite Logo

Mother Friendly Work Site

ShannonMedicalCenter joins a growing number of Texas businesses by becoming designated as a Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite. Mother-Friendly employers proactively support employees who choose to breastfeed their infants by providing time, space, and other supports to maintain breastfeeding after returning to work.

ShannonMedicalCenter and Shannon Women’s & Children’s Hospital, St. John’s Campus, the Surgery Center, the Main Clinic and the OB/GYN and Pediatrics clinics are designated as Mother-Friendly Worksites.

Created by the Texas Legislature in 1995 and administered by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite Program recognizes employers with written policies reflecting their support for their breastfeeding employees. Such policies provide work schedule flexibility to allow milk expression breaks; offer a private space, other than a bathroom, where the employee can pump or breastfeed; and ensure easy access to a clean water source and hygienic milk storage arrangements.

To be designated as a Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite, an employer must submit an application and qualifying written employee breastfeeding support policy to DSHS. For more information on the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite Program, visit

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For more information about the gathering or lactation consultant services, please call 325.481.6326. Visit for answers to frequently asked breastfeeding questions, or post your own questions.

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