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Call Ahead Care

If our wait is more than 45 minutes, call ahead and give us some information about your visit. We'll get you checked in and tell you what time to come to the clinic.

Here's how it works:

  • Call ahead at 325.481.2271 (Shannon Clinic North), 325.481.2222 (Shannon Clinic–South), or 325.481.2226 (Shannon Clinic–West)
  • Answer a few questions about your visit.
  • We'll get you checked in our system and give you an approximate time to arrive at the clinic.
  • We'll also take your phone number and call you with an update if the time changes.
  • Call ahead service ends 1.5 hours prior to closing time so that we can accommodate all patients in a timely manner.

Call Ahead Care is for urgent care visits only. Dial 911 for emergency care.

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