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Cooper Tracks

Shannon Health Club has recently launched a new program in partnership with renowned Cooper Wellness Strategies™, a Cooper Aerobics company, to help individuals manage chronic health conditions. Cooper® Tracks is an exercise and educational program designed to guide and support individuals through exercising, increasing confidence and developing habits to live healthier lives by managing their chronic disease and improving their immune health. The fitness classes were created to help patients who have finished physical rehabilitation, cancer treatment, diabetes education or other rehabilitation programs transition into a medically-based health club setting environment more easily.

Our program provides the guidance and support needed to help participants begin exercising, increase confidence, and develop habits to live healthier to help manage their chronic conditions.

The program is designed for:

  • individuals transitioning from a completed rehabilitative program to regular physical activity
  • sedentary individuals diagnosed with a chronic disease who want to begin an exercise program

Cardiovascular Program

  • diagnosed with stable cardiovascular disease
  • completed cardiac rehabilitation or do not qualify for cardiac rehabilitation
  • diagnosed with cardiovascular risk factors

Program Details

  • 8 weeks in length
  • 2 small group exercise classes/education sessions per week
  • educational content specific to disease process, nutrition, and lifestyle modification
  • pre- and post-program health assessments
  • exercise tracking tools
  • social support and accountability

Each Cooper Tracks program lasts eight weeks, with classes held twice per week, for a total of 16 classes. Hour-long classes include 30 to 40 minutes of cardio activity and 15 minutes of strength training along with group education. Additionally, participants will have access to:

  • individualized exercise in a group setting
  • comprehensive health education on topics such as chronic disease, nutrition, healthy lifestyles and stress management
  • health assessments prior to and upon completion of the program (both will be sent to referring physician)
  • social support and accountability
  • exercise tracking tools

Shannon Health Club is one of the first fitness facilities in the nation to partner with Cooper Wellness Strategies and to implement Cooper Tracks. Each track will have its own certified instructor/trainer who has completed specialized training before teaching the classes.

Education is a strong component of the program. After each class, participants receive instructions on assignments and exercises to complete prior to their next class session. Participant manuals with all the required materials are provided upon starting the program.

For more information on Cooper Tracks, please Shannon Health Club at 325-947-2582, email, or visit

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