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Stereotactic biopsy

When breast cancer is suspected, you and your healthcare team want to know the results quickly so a treatment plan can be put in motion. Early diagnosis leads to earlier treatment and a greater chance for a full recovery. Convenience of imaging services and a highly trained staff is also a vital part of this process.

The Shannon Women's Imaging Center houses state-of-the-art mammography, ultrasound, bone density and MRI equipment. Now, with the addition of stereotactic breast biopsy equipment, everything you need for breast care is under one roof.

"Stereotactic breast biopsy applies advanced imaging technology to map the precise location of the area of interest seen on your mammogram," Michelle Snuggs, MD, chief radiologist at the Shannon Women's Imaging Center, said.

This procedure is performed at the center in a sterile and relaxed setting. A local anesthetic is applied and the breast is compressed similar to a mammogram. A biopsy needle extracts several small pieces of tissue from the exact area of concern with pinpoint accuracy. After the biopsy, the results are read at Shannon and you are notified of the results within 48 hours.

"We want women to seek comfort in the fact that technology and training combine to help us detect breast cancers when they are present—early detection can often mean complete recovery," Dr. Snuggs said. "The addition of this equipment to the Women's Imaging Center allows us to continue to deliver advanced breast care to the women of our community."

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