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Sabrina Angeles

Cardiology Testimonial 1

Chest pain. Numbness in the left arm. Shortness of breath. Nausea. All textbook indicators of a heart attack and symptoms you would expect to happen to a male in his 60’s.

Sabrina Angeles experienced these symptoms and more, but she’s quite the opposite of an older man. The overall healthy mother of four was only 35 when she suffered a massive heart attack in August.

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Mary Ann Garcia

Cardiology Testimonial 2

Last February, as Mary Ann Garcia left her sister’s house to return to her home in Grape Creek, she found herself pulling over to the side of the road due to a pain in her chest. The sisters had just planned an out of town trip and Mary Ann received some words of wisdom from her sister when she called to cancel.

“Anytime a woman cannot go shopping because she’s sick, she needs to see a doctor,” her sister, Susan, informed her. That’s when Mary Ann turned her car around and told Susie to take her to the doctor.

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