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Building blocks

Our classes prepare parents for life with their new baby.

For first-time parents, the task of bringing a child into the world and providing proper care might seem daunting. Do you know how to keep your home safe and perform infant CPR? How about which car seat you should purchase or the five S’s of comfort? Or are you already a parent but unsure about current safety regulations? “Building Blocks,” a new series of parenting classes offered at Shannon Medical Center, helps first-time and longtime parents prepare for the arrival of their baby and for life after the baby arrives.

“These classes are designed to build upon one another and help parents progress in knowledge,” says Janette Dailey, RNC, BSN, ADON, director of Shannon Women’s and Children’s Hospital. “Even if you have children, it is important to keep up with current laws and safety regulations. Also, philosophies of care may have changed since your last child was born.”

The lineup

Several classes make up the series. The “Caring for Your Newborn” class consists of:

  • An infant CPR overview, including choking hazards and hands-on practice.
  • Car seat safety, including discussions of Texas laws and age-appropriate seats and demonstrations.
  • The basics of newborn care, such as feeding, bottles and pacifiers, dealing with a fussy baby, jaundice, and the five S’s of comfort and swaddling.
  • Home safety, with an emphasis on door latches, smoke alarms, gun safety and other ways to make sure your baby is safe.

Upon completion of the classes, parents will receive a “report card.” With that card, those who deliver their baby at Shannon will receive a free car seat for the new addition to their family.

“All About Childbirth,” “Breastfeeding Boot Camp” and “Doting Siblings” classes are available too. The childbirth classes are available in a four-week series, a “Weekend Express” course or online.

“Anyone is welcome to participate in the classes,” says Stacie Elizondo, RNC, BSN, nurse manager of Women’s Health/Baby-Mother. “We want to reach people in the community who wouldn’t normally have access to these services. It is important to educate yourself and properly prepare for welcoming your bundle of joy into the world.”

Learn more

For more information about Shannon’s baby classes, call 325-657-5098. If you would like to register, call 325-481-8888.

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