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Do you need help with your Rx?

PAP offers two different medication programs for uninsured patients with chronic conditions.

The Shannon Pharmaceutical Assistance (PAP) Program provides support to patients who are uninsured or who have no coverage in their insurance plan for medications. The program’s goal is to provide qualified patients with medications needed at the lowest cost possible to help control chronic conditions so they may avoid future health care events and readmissions.

What is available?

The program does not operate like a retail pharmacy. It does not provide any over-the-counter, acute-care or pain medications. Available medications include those for chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol, as well as insulin and inhalers.

PAP offers two different medication programs. The first is a bulk replacement and generic medication program. These are generally available to the patient within a few days after their application for the program is approved. 

The second is a brand-name medication program that can supply the patient with a 90-day supply of their prescription. These medications are generally available to the patient in two to four weeks once paperwork is completed, as they ship to PAP from the pharmaceutical companies. Patients are only charged an administrative fee of $2 a month for the brand-name medications. Generic medications are charged at cost, plus an administrative fee.

How to apply for assistance

All individuals seeking assistance must first complete an application and supply financial documentation to verify they meet the qualifications for the program. Once PAP receives the required documents and the patient’s current prescriptions, the patient visits with a patient navigator to review and discuss the application. Based on qualification and physician authorization, PAP then orders available medications for the patient.

Download your application packet from our website. Printed copies are available at the PAP office:

Shannon Pharmaceutical Assistance Program
2030 Pulliam St., Suite 16  
(Shannon St. John’s Campus)

Hours: Monday through Thursday,
8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 5 p.m.
Phone: 325-657-8323

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