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Modern-day midwives

Two certified nurse-midwives, part of the OB-GYN team at Shannon, explain what they do and the benefits of midwifery as a birthing option.

By Opal Smith, RN, CNM, and Kellie Turner, RN, WHNP, CNM

Midwifery has been practiced in America for hundreds of years.

In the present day, this health care option for women has grown and advanced with modern technology and education, and it is available right here in the Concho Valley. The OB-GYN team at Shannon includes two certified nurse-midwives.

What is a certified nurse-midwife and how can we help you?

A certified nurse-midwife (CNM) is an advanced practice health care professional who cares for low-risk women and their individual needs before, during and after pregnancy. We base our care on the belief that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes and provide consistent hands-on assistance throughout the continuum of care.  We spend one-on-one time with each woman so that an individualized plan can be formulated and used throughout the pregnancy journey.  We provide  health care to women from adolescence through menopause, offering pap tests, family planning and a variety of reproductive health care services. 

CNMs are trained and licensed in both nursing and midwifery. Holding both certifications allows CNMs to offer the most comprehensive array of services to their patients. CNMs are highly educated and are certified by the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

Even with the advancements in our practice, there are still a few common misconceptions surrounding the role of nurse midwives. We do not come to your home and deliver your baby by candlelight. In fact, we deliver your baby in the safe, professional environment of the hospital. We use medications, when appropriate and requested, to ease the birthing process. Your birthing experience can use the most advanced technologies available, minimal intervention or anything between. This is an individual choice made by each patient with the guidance of their health care provider.

Nurse-midwives work collaboratively with other health care professionals. Our patients are those with low-risk pregnancies, but if complications arise, an obstetrician is available to assist at all times.

Pregnancy is a special, miraculous time in a woman’s life.  Our focus is to empower you with the information you need to make your journey an enjoyable one. We offer birthing plans and various birthing options and encourage our patients to educate themselves on the options that are available.

We strive to develop personal relationships with our patients and families while guiding them down the path that best suits their personal needs. Our goal for every patient is a healthy mom and a healthy baby.

To learn more about certified nurse-midwives and why we love helping you along your journey, visit We are taking new patients, and if you would like to schedule an appointment or a
consultation, please feel free to call us at 325-481-2270.

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