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Advances in imaging at Shannon

State-of-the-art equipment means faster and safer imaging at Women's Imaging and Shannon Clinic.

Two of Shannon’s departments have upgraded their imaging equipment in order to bring the latest state-of-the-art technology to patients.

Women’s Imaging

The Shannon Women’s Imaging and MRI Center recently installed new imaging equipment, including an MRI unit and a machine to perform stereotactic breast biopsies at the center.

“The stereotactic breast biopsy machine consolidates services for our patients,” says Maribel Rios, director of radiology. “Previously, patients had to visit the main campus for the procedure. Now, we can do everything for diagnosing breast cancer under one roof.”

The equipment allows the center to perform state-of-the-art breast imaging studies with biopsy capabilities. The stereotactic machine looks similar to the other mammography machines at the center, but its capabilities are different. Additionally, the center is looking forward to adding 3-D tomosynthesis technology within the next year.

The new MRI is a 48-channel unit similar to the one located at Shannon Medical Center’s downtown location.

“We are excited to continue to provide the women of our community with the latest in advanced imaging capabilities,” says Rios.

The center has mammography, ultrasound, bone density, MRI and biopsy capabilities. For more information about Women’s Imaging, call 325-481-2339.


Shannon Clinic recently replaced its CT scanner and now offers a 64-slice Siemens Perspective machine located in the main clinic at 120 E. Beauregard.

“The Perspective 64 is a much faster machine equipped with the latest software,” says Holly Klein, director of imaging services. “The main reason we chose to upgrade is this machine reduces the radiation dosage patients receive by 60 percent. Therefore, the scan is not only faster, but safer.”

Having the latest software guarantees excellent image quality for every patient. The Perspective 64 utilizes IVR (Interleaved Volume Reconstruction) for superior resolution of 0.4 mm isotropic resolution. This capability greatly improves diagnosis of smaller lesions.

Additionally, the new machine will allow the clinic to perform angiograms with attention to the aorta, carotids and peripheral extremity runoffs. Some same-day procedures can also be performed.

For more information about the 64-slice CT or available procedures, call Shannon Clinic’s radiology department at 325-658-1511, ext. 2253.
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