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Create a family-fun Olympic challenge

Two kids fencing with pool noodles.

Aug. 2, 2021—Inspired by the Tokyo Olympics to bring out your inner athlete? Why not create your own Olympic challenge with your family? It's a fun, creative way to get moving. Plus, research shows that varying your workout routine can help you enjoy exercise more and stick with a fitness habit, according to the American Council on Exercise.

Try these Olympic-inspired ideas—or invent your own—for a lineup of events that will keep the Olympic spirit and good times rolling for days. All you need are some household items, a little space and your imagination!

Archery. Set up a makeshift target, and use a resistance band or any stretchy material to launch a rubber ball toward it. See who can hit the mark the most.

Equestrian. Your broomstick is now your noble steed! Create an obstacle course with household objects to jump over and run around. Whoever gets through it fastest wins.

Fencing. Pool noodles make great, kid-safe swords. Draw chalk lines on the sidewalk and see who can fence their partner behind their line.

Golf. No need to pay those green fees! Practice your putting skills in the living room with a stick, a ball and a plastic cup. See who can get the farthest "cup-in-one."

Rowing. Find a sled, a large plastic lid or a chair with wheels for your boat. Use two broomsticks for paddles. Then row yourself across the grass or ground toward the finish line.

Soccer. Practice your speed and agility by creating a soccer obstacle course. Design pathways that require players to weave the ball back and forth, hop over a barrier, and more.

Triathlon. You don't need water for this one, just your imagination. Start on the ground with a minute of flutter kicks. Hop on your bikes for a quick lap around the block. Then it's a foot race to the finish line. Compete against each other—or yourself by improving your time.

Don't forget to celebrate when you're done. When you have fun working out as a family, everybody is a winner.

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