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Meet our 2015 Children's Miracle Network Miracle Kids

Logan Sykes is 4 years old and loves Mickey Mouse, vanilla wafers and pizza! Logan has Lowe syndrome, which primarily affects the eyes, brain and kidneys. He developed cataracts and glaucoma and has had numerous eye surgeries. His parents were told he would never walk or talk. He stood up for the first time last April, and he is walking with the help of a walker! The very definition of a Miracle Kid, Logan lives in San Angelo with his parents, sister and brother.

Gage Gregonis is 10 years old and is a fourth-grader at Lamar Elementary. Gage likes playing Minecraft and Super Mario Bros., and his favorite subject in school is math. In 2012, after having a headache for a few days, Gage was diagnosed with a brain sarcoma. After Gage came in to the Shannon emergency room, Luis Duarte, MD, immediately removed the sarcoma (about the size of an orange) from Gage's brain. Gage then completed chemotherapy treatments and is doing well today. He lives in San Angelo with his grandparents and his older sister.

Cory Toungetis 18 months old and loves "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," cookies and playing blocks! At 6 months of age, Cory developed transverse myelitis—a rare neurological disease causing injury to the spinal cord with varying degrees of weakness, sensory alterations and autonomic dysfunction. At the time of his diagnosis, he could not hold his head up or hold his bottle. Today, Cory is an active, busy toddler. His pediatrician, Christina Sherrod, MD, says he's the closest thing to a miracle she's ever seen! Cory lives in San Angelo with his parents.

Journey Wiese is 10 months old and an absolute doll. At just 2 months old, her parents noticed something was not quite right with her stomach. After a trip to see the pediatrician, Journey was diagnosed with malignant neoplasm of the adrenal gland. Her parents were shocked to hear their baby had cancer. Journey had surgery to remove the tumor and underwent chemo treatments at Cook Children's Medical Center. Journey is now doing well and learning to sit up! She lives in Carlsbad with her parents and three older brothers.

Cooper Willis is almost 3 years old and loves Curious George, Apple Jacks and music. Cooper's mother was on a tour of the hospital while working at Sam's Club, seeing firsthand the equipment Children's Miracle Network had purchased. Three days later, Cooper was born prematurely and completely quit breathing after delivery. He spent 10 days in the neonatal intensive care unit using several pieces of specialized equipment his mother had learned about just days before. Cooper lives in San Angelo with his parents, and he will be a big brother in August.

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