Patient Testimonial

A Second Chance at Life

Crystal Delgado shares about life after bariatric surgery

 Bariatric Patient Crystal Delgado

At 27 years old, Crystal Delgado suffered her first stroke. She spent the next ten years of her life in and out of the hospital and her doctor’s offices fighting constant sickness and lethargy. She was taking multiple medications to manage her diabetes and blood pressure, a result of being overweight. Last year, the mother of two, decided enough was enough.

“I didn’t have any energy and I was tired all the time,” she says. “And, I was tired of being sick and missing out on my kids because of my health. I just couldn’t live like that anymore.”

After discussion with her doctor, her family and prayer, Crystal decided bariatric surgery was her best option. She scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jastrow at the Shannon Weight Loss Center and began the pre-operative requirements to educate herself about the surgery and what her life would be like afterward.

“I was very nervous about the surgery itself,” she recalls. “Dr. Jastrow was very reassuring and he didn’t let me down throughout the whole process.”

Since her surgery in September, Crystal has dropped more than 80 pounds. She is no longer on any of the five medications she took to regulate her diabetes or the two high-dose blood pressure medications that kept her hypertension at bay— $700 she can put back in her pocket. She credits her self-discipline and dedication for keeping her on track.

“The surgery is not an easy fix,” she says. “I appreciate Dr. Jastrow telling me upfront the surgery is just a tool and I have to use it properly to be successful. You have to work and keep working. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve pushed through and kept going.”

Crystal emphasizes education, dedication and commitment to a completely different lifestyle are required for the surgery to continuing working, but it worth the sacrifices. She began to increase her workouts and partnered with a trainer to keep herself on track.

“I’m training for a Tough Mudder this summer and I have set a goal with my trainer to do a fitness show,” she says. “I’m also going to return to school to finish my RN. My health has taken away enough of my years. My children have been an incredible support for me with all they’ve been through and I’m so happy to have the energy to things with them I’ve never been able to do before. I can’t waste this second chance at life I’ve been given.”

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