Communication Specialists

AirMed1 has a regional Communication Center that is staffed 24 hours a day. The Communication Center is responsible for dispatch and flight following for AirMed1 and is in continuous contact with local and area EMS.

The Communication Center expedites patient transfers and transports and is always aware of the status of physician availability, bed status, blood availability and other information critical to emergency and trauma response. Area facilities, with their limited personnel, have to make only one phone call to arrange further care for their patient, whether they need an accepting physician, air transport or ground transport. Our communication specialists have all received the National Air Communication Specialist certification.

The National Air Communication Specialist certification course provides air medical dispatchers the opportunity to learn efficient, proven techniques and to achieve the national standard for air medical communications specialist training. Communication specialists face daily challenges and additional responsibility as air medical transport systems expand and change. This specialized education is provided by a national board member of the National Association of Air Medical Communication Specialists in association with the AirMed1 pilots, flight paramedics and flight nurses.

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