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Shannon AirMed1 provides 24-hour emergency care for area hospitals in counties across West Texas. The helicopter has extensive life-support equipment to provide care for patients in life-threatening or emergency conditions.

AirMed1 is unique in that it is able to provide coverage to a large area of West Texas. Shannon AirMed1 benefits more than 13 West Texas counties and hospitals in its primary service area.

West Texas spans 131,323 square miles and home to more than 2.6 million people, or 14 percent of the state population. Of the 108 counties of West Texas, 99 are classified as rural and 54 are sparsely populated, with fewer than seven persons per square mile. Only Alaska has more frontier landmass than Texas, and most of the Texas frontier landmass is in West Texas.

Unlike East Texas, which has major urban centers and small towns that dot the highway every 10 to 12 miles, communities in West Texas are much more isolated. In fact, San Angelo is one of only seven metropolitan centers scattered across the 108 counties of West Texas. The centers serve as the health care hubs for people living within the region, although access to such services can mean driving two to four hours. Shannon AirMed1 is proud to provide faster access to vital health care for these rural areas during an emergency situation.


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